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Sam Woo Dim Sum 2

Posted: 08/20/13

Sam Woo Dim Sum 2

Restaurant: Mississauga Sam_Woo_BBQ

Nelson: Seems like I come here a lot, but looking back, this is only my second Dim Sum post for this location. I'm not going to label each picture here, but instead list them out. Vegetarian dried tofu (good here), sparerib rice (with a chicken foot)(the added soy sauce makes this dish), dough fritter with rice roll (one of my favourites and done well here), fried squid which was really firm and tasty, bbq pork bun and chicken bun (liked the bbq pork, did not like the chicken bun), fried rice dumplings, turnip cake, har gow, har gow with shrimp and vegetables and siu mai and finally vegetables with fried garlic. They make good food here besides their top notch BBQ pork and I'm happy to go frequently.

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