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Lonestar Big Rig Tijuana Burrito

Posted: 08/18/13

Lonestar Big Rig Tijuana Burrito

Restaurant: Brampton Lonestar

Nelson: Mexican in Toronto is a pretty sad state of affairs. I was here with my softball team and decided to try the "Big Rig" Tijuana burrito with a 12-ince flour tortilla filled with Mexi-beef, Mexican rice refried beans and Con Queso. Toppped with their own Ranchero sauce and Jack & Cheddar cheese, served with guacamole, sour cream and Pico de Gallo ($14.99). It looks neat with the meat and cheese on the outside, but it had too much rice inside for my liking and the ground beef quality was poor as well. I guess when it's called Mexi-beef you can't expect too much.

Kitty had the much better buffalo fajita, but I have pictures of that already so it's not pictured here again. That's one of the best items here. Still overall I would say the food is pretty weak.

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