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Steph and Greg's Chinese Banquet at La Primavera

Posted: 08/16/13

Steph and Greg's Chinese Banquet at La Primavera

Restaurant: La_Primavera Vaughan

Nelson: Back here for another wedding, Steph & Greg's, but this time for Chinese food. This banquet hall is strange because like most banquet halls it is owned by Italians (I think) yet it has a full Chinese menu option. Versatile.

Upon entering there was a huge macaron tree alongside the small in comparison wedding cake. I unfortunately didn't get a chance to eat any of this as I had to head out after the last course to go into work :(

The first course of assorted meats was neat because it was not just suckling pig. The variety was nice, but unfortunately for me, they gave me small boney pieces (not pictured).

Not only is the scallop with vegetables, but there was also mini crab claw-like balls. This is like having two dishes in one!

They make a big deal of this curry conch dish with the fire and such. Usually I don't like this dish too much, but this time it was actually good for once. Hit or miss, and this was one of the first times it was a hit for me personally.

Instead of shark fin soup, there was a mushroom soup. Once again good for conservation which I support.

Pea shoots and two kinds of mushroom.

Steamed fish pictured with the bone removed.

Ginger and green onion lobster was ok.

The fried chicken was good, but once again I got bad pieces (not pictured) and felt ripped off.

Here's the fried rice and noodles. I wanted just a tad bit more noodles personally.

Overall, surprisingly good Chinese food for a place (Vaughan and Italian banquet hall) that you wouldn't expect it from. Wished I could have stayed longer though to try the desserts!


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