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Montfort Mediterranean Restaurant

Posted: 08/14/13

Montfort Mediterranean Restaurant

Restaurant: Mississauga Montfort_Mediterranean_Cuisine

Nelson: This location is tucked away in a strip mall and hard to notice from the road despite the large sign. I've never tried this chain of restaurants and their specialty, which is the Montfort Chicken ($6.49). It's described as their "famous in house specialty, the scret recipe for this dish has been handed down for generations. Boneless, skinless chicken breat, grilled with pineapple and special seasonings." Overall the chicken was a bit dry but I really liked the included pineapple. I liked that the pita was included as well as the salad and the home fries were excellent because they were crispy and had a tasty coating on the outside. They included some sauces as well, an excellent garlic one (left) and onion salsa.

My friend got a metal staple in his food that put a damper on the meal. He got it for free, but that's not good. The interior felt a little run down, but it's too bad since the food has potential. Maybe in need of a restaurant makeover?

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