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Saki Sushi

Posted: 08/12/13

Saki Sushi

Restaurant: Mississauga Saki_Sushi

Nelson: This is an AYCE place, but we were here and not ordering AYCE because it was late. Pretty much the worse of both worlds in the sense that you get AYCE quality for the a la carte price. Then add to that we were here at almost closing time and it has potential to be an ugly situation.

We ordered party tray A (45 pieces), 12 pieces sashimi (tuna, salmon, snapper), 15 pieces sushi (tuna, salmon, snapper, shrimp, crab) and 18 pieces rolls (california, spicy salmon, spicy tuna) for $29.88. Not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the portion sizes were fairly large, especially considering it is an AYCE sushi place. Some strange rice was used for the sushi and the roll were poorly put together, and it seemed like everything fell apart. But at least the tuna was not frozen when served and the spicy rolls tasted good with some crunch and a bit of spice.

In the end, we were full and satisfied. It had the making of a disaster and it didn't turn out that way, so that's something. Overall I don't recommend or dismiss this place.

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