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Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Posted: 08/10/13

Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant: Ocean_Seafood_Restaurant Richmond_Hill

Nelson: Back here again this time with friends (who frequent this place) and this time had a more positive experience. Started with the standard soup, but let's move onto the more interesting dishes.

Sweet and sour pork had a good sauce, but it was a bit fatty. Hard to strike the right balance, but it's essential in this dish. Also hopefully it's not too sweet either.

The garoupa fish fillet was excellent as it was crunchy on the outsides and a sauce that tasted good. I was pleasantly surprised how well this dish was made because the quality can vary.

Chicken was ok, nothing special. I suppose they specialize in seafood here.

The soft shell crab fried rice is supposed to be one their specialties, but they happened to burn our order and most of the taste was of burning. Fail.

Seafood restaurant adds meat to the veggies. Nice.

The lobster was pretty good with a lot of Maggi. I ate the most of this dish because the people at my table were too lazy. Score!

The fish was surprisingly large and I ate quite a bit of it as well as the people at my table were too lazy to pick at the bones. Double Score!

So overall a better experience, but still a little uneven overall. Still pretty cheap for the food you get though.

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  • I like reading your reviews. Lol on the 'score!' for lobster. Don't you just love it when others don't want to get messy eating lobster?
    Darling @ 2013-10-11

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