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Mill Street Brewpub Flights

Posted: 08/08/13

Mill Street Brewpub Flights

Restaurant: Mill_St_Brew_Pub Toronto

Nelson @ Distillery District: I have positive feelings when I come here and this visit just adds to it. We were here only for drinks, and the best option is flights. From left to right are Lemon Tea, Mill St Wit Beer (5%), Chaudier (7%) and Organic (4.2%). For some reason this small amount of beer made me happily tipsy just like the rest of my friends and we all had a good time laughing about silly things. I don't remember much about the beers themselves except that the lemon tea was very fruity and flavourful. Good times!

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  • Yeah, the guys here don't touch the lemon tea when we have it on tap, but I like it.
    Mugs @ 2013-08-08
  • Does everyone get the same 4 or is there a list to choose from? I see someone has a really dark beer in the background. YUM beer!
    dre @ 2013-08-08
  • You get to choose your own from whatever they have on tap. Definitely very fresh. The lemon tea doesn't taste like beer from what I remember
    Nelson @ 2013-08-08

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