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Wacky Wings

Posted: 08/21/13

Wacky Wings

Restaurant: Mississauga Wacky_Wings

dre @ Dundas & Dixie: We went to this place with Gerald and Denise and their family. As with most wing places, there were so many flavours to choose from, but luckily, there were enough of us so we could try out 10 different flavours as we ordered 100 wings! We each chose a flavour.

Garlic Pepper Buffalo (left) and Jalapeño Dill (right)

Dill Pickle (left) and Sea Salt and Pepper (right)

I liked the sea salt and pepper wings.

Caribbean Jerk (left) and Buttermilk Dill (right)

The Caribbean jerk wasn't very spicy at all.

Honey garlic and honey mustard - this was my choice, and I liked the wings. Good choice, me!

Sweet and Spicy Thai

I don't remember who chose this one, but it was a good choice as well. I enjoyed this one.

For some reason, I didn't get a picture of Jalapeño Chipotle and Garlic Parmesan (also wasn't very spicy) and Dr. Pepper BBQ. I wasn't a big fan of the dill flavoured wings (and we got a lot of those!). The Parmesan wings were also not my favourite because it was too cheesy for my liking. The Dr. Pepper ones were also strange.

Also, there are pool tables and a small arcade area (similar to Dave and Buster's) where you can in tickets and redeem prizes. Kristen really enjoyed all the lights and sounds in there. A fun place, and very spacious, and quite family friendly as well! I would return more often if it wasn't so far from home.

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