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Spoonful, New Buffet in Brampton

Posted: 08/11/13

Spoonful, New Buffet in Brampton

Restaurant: Brampton Spoonful

dre @ Shopper's World Brampton: A new buffet opened up in Brampton, and we got some coupons in the mail. At first, I was skeptical as it is another buffet, but the advertisement on the flyer did look impressive - oysters, seafood bar, donut station, candy bar and more. Some friends had gone and said that it was pretty good, so I decided to come here for my birthday (50% off the price).

I had mastered a new skill that night - carrying a baby while getting food from the buffet. I was going to wait for Mike to finish getting his plate, hand the baby to him and then get my plate, but I was too hungry. I made a round through the sushi and hot tables and got some sushi rolls, chicken wings, beans, and sweet potato fries. There was also a person that cooked pad thai while I waited. The wings were good, and I liked the crunchy shrimp sushi. The pad thai was not very good.

For my second round, I went to the other hot table (after passing the sushi table again), and got some ribs, sweet and sour pork, some breaded chicken (I think), vegetables, and a dumpling.

For my third plate, I got some more items - seaweed salad, mushrooms, ham, torpedo shrimp, calamari, shrimp skewers.

Last main plate, I visited the grill station. I waited a long long time for the chef to grill me some short ribs. Those were very good, although maybe not worth the wait. I also got some pineapples, that were supposed to be grilled, but a little disappointing. I also tried a lobster bisque tart, which I didn't really like either.

Ah, the desserts. Spoonful had two large sections for desserts. At first, I thought they doubled the items, but on each side there were all different desserts. I grabbed a little of everything that I thought I would like (and maybe took too many things). I would have liked to try the donut machine fresh, so these donuts were not that impressive.

My second round of dessert I got a blueberry pie and a Japanese style blueberry cheesecake. The cheesecake was the best dessert there. Some of the desserts were kept in warming drawers which dried out the food or made it soggy.

I lied. I had some more savoury food. I'm not sure where I put all this food, but I was ready to burst. I had to try the fried noodles as I missed them during the meal. They were also not that great.

So in conclusion, nothing in particular stood out as delicious. Perhaps Nelson can comment as he probably tried some of the seafood (look for his post in a year haha). There were certain things that I would get seconds, but probably only a handful. I'm not sure I would come back here, as I like the Mandarin much better. One other thing I disliked about this place was that there was only access to the food on one side of the table, making it very congested, where for most buffets you can stand on both sides to grab food and rotate like a circle.

Maybe the weekend variety is better, but for $28 on weekends, I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

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