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Loui's Kouzina

Posted: 07/27/13

Loui's Kouzina

Restaurant: Loui_s_Kouzina Markham

Nelson @ Markham: For some reason we were at a Greek restaurant for brunch and not surprisingly they didn't really have brunch food. Oh well, Greek food for brunch then!

Kitty had the Moussaka ($13.25): layers of potato, ground beef, zucchini and eggplant topped with a bechamel sauce and Greek salad. It looks good, but from the bite I had it wasn't very good. Maybe because it wasn't fresh? I find this dish really hit or miss as in when it's good it's really good, but otherwise it's really bad. No in between.

I had the standard Pork Souvlaki ($10.95). The pork itself was not that good and I have had better. Everything else was pretty good though.

If I'm all the way out there I would more likely have some Chinese food rather than Greek food.

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