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Restoran Malaysia Again

Posted: 07/23/13

Restoran Malaysia Again

Restaurant: Restoran_Malaysia Richmond_Hill

Nelson: I always enjoy coming here because the food is good and it's not pricey. It can really mix things up cuisine-wise if you are in a rut. It's Asian food, but slightly different from your regular Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Viet/Thai.

Roti ($2) with Curry Sauce ($3). Never having ordered this before, the Roti was surprisingly good because it was so very soft and tender. Then when paired with the curry sauce, it was really good.

Penang Fried Kuay Teow ($7.5): Wok fried fresh flat noodles with dark soy sauce, shrimp, egg, sprout, chives and chili sauce. This dish was only soso.

Pad Thai ($8): Stir fried rice noodle in a sweet tangy sauce with sweet peppers, tofu, shrimp, chicken, beansprouts and egg. Topped with chopped peanuts. This was decent and better than the last dish. Not their specialty though.

Singapore Chicken Rice ($7.5): Steamed boneless chicken leg served with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and chili sauce on the side. Served with rice cooked in chicken broth. Chicken was well made with tasty oily rice. The chicken itself is so simple with a very simple chicken taste that is really accentuated. The skin adds a bit of fattiness to put it over the top.

Rendang Minangkabau ($13): galangal-grisek (toasted coconut), lemon grass, turmeric, shallot, lemon leaf, beef. The Rendang beef was a little dry this time and had chunks that seems too large. This is one of my favouites, but is really hit or miss. When it's good, it can be amazing. When not cooked well, it's a below average dish. At least the coconut rice was good.

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  • Wish I had seen your reviews before we went! Based on Yelp it sounded great. I couldn't even eat the beef rendang it was so dry you couldn't swallow it. and the other dishes were - well - average at best. The tender roti were like thin strips of leather. One of the most disappointing meals we've had and we drove a long long way to get it. Found out the Yelp does not show all the reviews. Only the "recommended" ones, so you don't always see the bad reviews there.
    helen @ 2014-05-13

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