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Amy & Sam's Wedding at Legend Chinese Restaurant

Posted: 07/21/13

Amy & Sam's Wedding at Legend Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant: Legend_Chinese_Restaurant Markham

Nelson: I have never been to this restaurant before, so my first visit is for a wedding. Let's begin!

The pork was ok, but the jelly fish was not very good. Not sure how that is possible, but it was bad

Shrimp and scallop are decent with broccoli which I have never seen with this dish before. It's usually sugar snap peas.

Shrimp ball was really really hot and as a result really good. Hard to screw this one up.

I don't like Chinese soups that much and I wasn't a big fan of this one. At least it doesn't have shark fin!

The veggies had good sauce but a little tough for some reason. The shiitake was very flavourful and earthy. The Abalone was good too.

The chicken was hot and also moist. I really liked it here.

Fish was just as expected. I like fish so I always look forward to this part of the meal.

This lobster was cooked with Maggi. And it was excellent. Probably the highlight of the meal. I guess it's important to get the best dishes right.

Fried rice.

The noodles not too oily, so I liked them.

Some heart shaped jello and almond cookies.

This dessert soup was unique. It was cold and had a lot of mango taste, but it wasn't too sweet and definitely fresh tasting. Also gooey. It's something new and I liked it!

The wedding cake was quite large!

Overall a mix of good and not so good dishes. Pretty standard for a Chinese restaurant, but I would probably wouldn't mind coming here for a non wedding meal if I was in the area.

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