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Sam Woo Dim Sum

Posted: 07/17/13

Sam Woo Dim Sum

Restaurant: Mississauga Sam_Woo

Nelson: We go here frequently because the quality is good and it is close by.

Fritter with rice rolls are one of my favourites and they make a good one here.

Dough fritters to go with our rice porridge.

Siu Mai.

Deep fried shrimp dumplings in wonton skin. Always good with mayo.

Fried noodle with pork and bean sprouts. They make a good one here with crispy noodles and a good tasting topping.

Chicken feet! Not everyone likes it, but those that do, usually like it a lot.

Pork in a vinegar sauce. Very tender.

Har Gow, shrimp dumplings. Standard dim sum fare

Deep fried eggplant.


Not sure why they were serving this, but we ordered this chicken stir fry with Chinese broccoli. I think they use a lot of tenderizer here because the chicken is always abnormally tender here.

Sam Woo does a good job with dim sum, so I go there often. What else is there to say?

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