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Berkeley Events for Spark City Scavenger Hunt

Posted: 07/13/13

Berkeley Events for Spark City Scavenger Hunt

Restaurant: Berkeley_Events Toronto

Nelson: To promote the Chevrolet Spark, they hosted an event that featured driving their cars around on a scavenger hunt through the streets of Toronto. So fun! Even better, they provided a breakfast and lunch spread at the Gooderham Lounge catered by Berkeley Events.

I don't have a good picture of the breakfast spread, but the lunch items were really good. It was spread out in a buffet style, but someone was plating the food so that it would look good. Good idea, because you can go back for more if you want, but at the same time the food looks great.

This is a mini bowl of butter chicken on basmati rice with mini naan (naan in next picture). On top is a Ras Al Hanout beef skewer. The butter chicken was good and the rice cooked well. Beef on a stick was tasty as well, but not as interesting as the exotic Moroccan name would suggest.

Here is the naan that is suppose to go with the last dish. Too crispy for my liking. The caprese salad on a stick, which I love making myself is an improved version from the one I make because it is grilled and includes whole basil leaves! I'm going steal this idea for myself.

This is a mini grilled cheese with brioche buns and aged cheddar. It needed a little more cheese because it was mostly just bread. Using Brioche buns is a good idea though.

These are chinese pork buns with ban mi slaw. Good idea, but the pork belly piece was so small that it was unproportional to everything else. Could be better.

Lastly, dessert was provided by Wanda's Pie in the Sky. I tried some of the applie pie crumble, which although very sweet, was excellent. Yum!

Thanks Chevrolet for the fun scavenger hunt and for the good food from Berkeley Catering! What a good day!

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  • nice photos!
    mike @ 2013-07-13
  • Thanks, I can't take credit though, as the soft natural light makes it easy to take photos
    Nelson @ 2013-07-14

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