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Mongolian Grill

Posted: 10/20/07

Mongolian Grill

Restaurant: Khan_Mongolian_Grill Markham

dre: I learned that when I go to eat Mongolian Grill, I make small dishes because then I will be able to eat more bowls. This one was at Kennedy and Steeles across from Pacific Mall. I love their spring rolls because it's full of BEEF.

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  • I've learned to just eat one bowl at these places (esp if i go for lunch). I have a technique to stack it really high (involves two bowls) and then i just eat that and pitas.
    Nelson @ 2007-10-20
  • I didn't know they had spring rolls!
    Nelson @ 2007-10-20
  • dude, the spring rolls are soooo good!
    dre @ 2007-10-23

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