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Burger's Priest

Posted: 07/11/13

Burger's Priest

Restaurant: Burgers_Priest Toronto

Nelson @ Beaches: Finally my first experience at Burger's Priest. I like the metal grating and you can barely see the freshly ground beef waiting to be cooked. Now they don't have the secret menu anymore, but at the time I had done some research before going and settled on ordering The Priest: cheeseburger + the option. What is the option you ask?

Well it's a cheese stuffed portobello mushroom battered and deep fried. Overall it's very cheesy, almost too cheesy as you can see from the last picture. I couldn't really taste the portobello, but despite this it was a really good burger. The meat was top quality and fresh and made for a tasty patty.

I really enjoyed it and would come again for sure. One of the best if not the best Burger in Toronto.

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