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Smokin Tony's Bar-B-Que

Posted: 07/09/13

Smokin Tony's Bar-B-Que

Restaurant: Smokin_Tonys_BarBQue Waterloo

Nelson @ Waterloo: Smokin Tony's has a diner/caf type of feel as you order the food up front and they bring it out to your bench.

We tried a two meat combo platter Texas size (2 sides) with brisket and wings for $18.99. The brisket was pseudo-moist, but because meat juice was poured on top after the brisket was cooked and cut. Surprisingly the meat juice wasn't too fatty, but it still needed a good amount of BBQ sauce to eat. Kitty thought it was way too dry.

The wings were ok and quite large, but not that special.

The sweet potato casserole (top right) was too sweet for my liking, but the girls liked it. I thought the corn was only ok, although Kitty liked it since she is partial to corn. Cornbread had a different taste than normal cornbreads, but I couldn't put my finger on what was different.

We also had a pulled pork poutine ($10.99) and it was huge. It was probably good enough for two people! The pulled pork on top was generous and quite good. The gravy was smoky perhaps due to the pulled pork. I really like this.

Overall it was a mediocre experience. I wouldn't highly recommend it, but I also would go if I was desperate for some BBQ.

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