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Paradise Chinese Restaurant

Posted: 07/05/13

Paradise Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant: Mississauga Paradise_Chinese_Restaurant

Nelson @ Mississauga: My mom wanted to try this restaurant out I think because it was featured on OMNI2's Trendy Zone. It's a bit of an upscale Chinese restaurant with a lot of open space inside, unlike most other Chinese restaurants. Let's check out the food.

First up is a drunken chicken served in a tall container full of sauce. Hard to take a picture of this, but the taste was pretty good. The container size ensures that the pieces are soaked in the sauce.

It's hard to tell what dish this is, but it's a soya sauce duck. The skin was extremely dark and this dish was flavourful (in a salty way), but unfortunately it was a little dry. Good idea, just needs a bit better execution to make into a hit.

This seafood soup looks like weird because there looks like there is green stuff in it. After trying to figure out what was going on, I finally realized that it was reflecting a green neon light the room. I think having green neon light in the room is a nono for a restaurant because it gives everything a green tint that makes the food look like it's spoiled.

We ordered some xiao long bao, but they were nothing special.

The mushu pork was quite good, but a little salty as well. Still solid, especially with the pancakes.

The crab looks neat, but unfortunately the crab didn't taste fresh. The sauce was ok and I would like to try this again, but with fresher seafood.

We got a pretty big fish to finish off the meal.

Pretty good overall and despite the fancy setting, the price was inexpensive. This set meal was only $76.24! Not bad!

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