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Owl & Firkin

Posted: 07/03/13

Owl & Firkin

Restaurant: Markham Owl_and_Firkin

Nelson: One of the places we go after softball, Owl & Firkin has a rewards program for teams that eat there. After going a few times, I don't think I'll ever come back.

This is the Philly style beef dip ($12.95) with shaved roast beef piled on a toasted pretzel loaf, topped with jack cheese, sauteed onions and peppers with a side of au jus. The roast beef was old and dry and really ruined the rest of the dish. Just not very good and not fresh.

Bangers, Beans & Mash ($9.95): English style Palethorpe sausages, sauteed onions, baked beans and whipped potatoes. Maybe I don't like Palethorpe sausages, but I didn't enjoy these at all. The beans were mushy and lacked taste as well. Overall not good.

This an English pub, so they must do some of their traditional fare well, right? Traditional Fish 'n' Chips ($12.95): An 8 oz crispy beer-battered fish fillet with fries and a tangy tartar sauce. The fish was very thin and fried to a crisp. I begrudgingly must say this was decent. Fries were ok too.

But overall I would say the food here is pretty bad. I wouldn't come back here, even with the sports team promotion.

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