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Shanghai Food in Vancouver

Posted: 07/22/13

Shanghai Food in Vancouver

Restaurant: Ningtu Vancouver

dre in Vancouver: My aunt and uncle found out that it was our anniversary, so they took us out for dinner to eat Shanghai food! I learned that my aunt and uncle are very organized. They wrote everything down before ordering and simply gave the waitress the slip. They had ordered a good variety of items.

Mike wanted hot and sour soup, so that was on the list. I didn't try any.

Next was stir-fried pork and lettuce wraps. It is similar to the peking duck version, but pork. Always a fun dish to eat.

Stir fried rice cake with vegetables. One of my favourite Shanghai dishes.

Siu Long Baos. We got 2 dishes of these.

Sweet and spicy shrimp on pea shoots. I enjoyed this dish as I love shrimp and pea shoots.

Fried fish with seaweed. I wasn't a super fan of this dish. The seaweed made it a little bitter.

Mushrooms and tofu. I normally do not like tofu, but I like these egg ones. And mushrooms area always delicious, especially with different types

Duck with buns. I remember having this in Shanghai with the buns. I suppose this is the healthier version than shrimp chips with a fried chicken.

Sweet and sour pork. This dish is always a hit with kids (even when the kids are 30 years old!)


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