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Treat at the top of a grueling hike!

Posted: 07/15/13

Treat at the top of a grueling hike!

Restaurant: Beaver_Tails Vancouver

dre at the top of Grouse Mountain: After a 1 hour 45 minute hike up the Grouse Grind, we made it to the top! As a treat, we went to find the Beaver Tails that we knew existed somewhere at the top. It was really far away from the chalet, and it was very cold outside. We brought it back to the chalet to eat them. Mike got the apple cinnamon one and I got the Skor one. They were both very very sweet and it made my teeth hurt!

Since we ate our dessert before lunch, we shared a burger and an Americano. The coffee shop was cleverly named "Grouse Grind". It warmed us up from the chilly weather outside.


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