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Hyped Up Chicken Wings

Posted: 07/08/13

Hyped Up Chicken Wings

Restaurant: Phnom_Penh Vancouver

dre in Vancouver Chinatown: Lewis and I hyped up these wings to Mike all week. We came here for lunch, and even then there was a wait, though not as long as dinner time.

Of course, we had to the get the chicken wings. They did not disappoint. I can't get enough of its perfect crunchy texture and taste.

My favourite thing is the Beef Luc Lac. I want to learn how to make this. It's so saucy and great with the rice.

We had the Buttered Beef. I'm not a super fan of this, but I still ate a lot of it anyway.

Lastly, we had a hot and sour soup with chicken. I like how it's not thick, and tasted relatively healthy!

The best time to go (with no line ups) is a weekday afternoon haha... We stayed for at least an hour and a half and by the time we left, there was definitely no one waiting and tables available! :)

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  • Try the crab rolls next time. I have to try the Beef Luc Lac next time I'm there. I'm glad to hear that the chicken wings yet again did not disappoint :)
    Nelson @ 2013-07-14

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