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Sushi and Cake

Posted: 07/04/13

Sushi and Cake

Restaurant: none

dre: We went to Mike's uncle and aunt's house for dinner and they ordered sushi takeout. I'm not sure if they knew we were not really sushi eaters, but there were enough rolls, shrimp tempura and soup for us to be full.

They bought a tuxedo cake from Costco to end the meal, and I had 2 large slices! I think they mentioned they did some Costco shopping in the States, so that is where this cake is from. I noticed that there were no cookie balls on this cake like the ones they have in Canada. Besides having no cookie balls, the layers of chocolate cake, cream cheese, fudge, mousse were sooooo yummy.


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  • Did they know you liked Tuxedo cake?
    Nelson @ 2013-07-14
  • No, they didn't know until they brought it out and I said that it was my favourite :)
    dre @ 2013-07-16

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