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Elegance Chinese Cuisine

Posted: 06/24/13

Elegance Chinese Cuisine

Restaurant: Elegance_Chinese_Cuisine Markham

dre @ Warden & Denison: This restaurant looks fairly new as the plaza looks newly built. The inside was very large, spacious, and ... empty... All the reviews said that they had good dim sum, but we were here for dinner.

We started off with a crab maw soup. This was a delicious start!

There was peking duck. The meat was juicy and the wraps were not dry.

Fried fish on beans.

Soy sauce chicken.

Lettuce wrap with duck stir-fry. ALso with the lettuce wraps, they served these rice bowls. It was a neat idea, but you couldn't wrap the bowl without breaking it so it was like eating an unfoldable taco. I prefer the lettuce wraps.

This sweet and sour skewers were neat. Unfortunately, there was only enough for one skewer a person.

The garlic lobster was really good! Everyone got at least half a lobster, and the garlic sauce made it extra tasty!

The vegetable dish with some seafood on top.

Stir-fried fish. I prefer fish being cooked like this than steamed.

For dessert, we had some green bean soup and Chinese pastries.

All in all, the food was very good, but it was on the expensive side, and portions were small. It looks more like a banquet place than somewhere you would regularly have dinner.

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  • Looks pretty good with some twists to standard dishes
    Nelson @ 2013-06-25

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