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Rock Lobster

Posted: 06/15/13

Rock Lobster

Restaurant: Rock_Lobster Toronto

Nelson: I know that rock lobster is a type of lobster, but I didn't know it was also a song by the B-52's. But none of that is related to this restaurant, because the rock in "Rock Lobster" means they play loud rock music here while serving lobster. Works I guess and at least the music selection is good.

We started with the Rock Lobster roll ($14) with yukon chips and McClure's Dill Pickle. The roll itself is a little smaller than I expected but it was full of lobster. It was tasty with a hint of smokiness or some other unique flavour I couldn't quite put my finger on. Regardless it was pretty good. The Yukon chips were really salty (a bit too much) and crispy, but I liked them. Even the pickle is good as it wasn't too overpowering.

The other item we tried was the Jerk Crab and Shrimp ($13) with Canadian Snow Crab legs, shrimp, cilantro and lime. It was really really jerk-flavourful and it came soaked in butter. Unfortunately the crab wasn't very meaty (not sure if it's a bad crab or overcooked), but at least the shrimp were huge. I've never had seafood like this and it was definitely full of taste and also unique with the added jerk-spice. I liked this dish even more than the rock lobster roll despite (or because of) the pool of butter at the bottom.

They sell wine on tap by the ounce. We tried the VQA Vineland Estate Riesling and it was very sweet and pleasant.

Neat atmosphere and interesting menu. Would come again and try out some of their other offerings.

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  • I am not a big fan of jerk and I still liked the shrimp and crab.
    kitty @ 2013-06-15

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