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Quaker Steak & Lube

Posted: 06/13/13

Quaker Steak & Lube

Restaurant: Quaker_Steak_And_Lube

Nelson: While on the road in America, you sometimes see Quaker Steak & Lube and might think it's for car service, but it's actually for food. Greasy food, but food nonetheless. Their theme is race car driving, NASCAR style and had a very Americana feel to it. Look at the door handles in the second picture; they are gas pumps!

The first thing we tried were some wedged mac n'cheese ($4.99), a basket of a half dozen deep fried mac'n'cheese wedges sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with a side of ranch. Sounds like a good (American) concept, but they were too small and surprisingly not that tasty.

They had a decent selection of drinks and Kitty ordered a mango smoothie.

These are called pick-up pickles: crisp pickle spears coasted with Italian breading, deep fried and served with cool ranch. Deep fried and Ranch epitomizes America. These had too much batter and not that good as they were too strongly pickle tasting even for me as someone that likes pickles.

We ordered a bucket of wings to share, with cajun and parmesan pepper flavours. They were quite good with large sized wings with skin that you can taste and feel. Despite having a hotness rating near the top, the cajun wasn't that spicy but at least had a good flavour to them. The parm and pepper had virtually no parm on them but had some pepper. They were decent as well as the wings themselves were good.

To finish the meal the bill came with a bunch of twizzlers which I'm indifferent to. Places like Quake Steak & Lube explain why America is so fat. It wasn't even that good to justify all those deep fried calories. At least the experience was a novelty.

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