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Posted: 06/09/13


Restaurant: Burgatory Pittsburgh

Nelson: Another burger place, but this one was actually successfully unique. First, the shakes were a definite highlight as they were so creative. Plus they are extra thick milkshakes spun to order with their house turned vanilla bean ice cream. Plus some of them have liquor!

The one on the left is called Monkey business ($8): Bananas foster shake spiked with dark rum and banana liquor. It was really strong in alcohol, but still very tasty. Yes, it looks like a monkey. Neat!

Kitty had the campfire s'mores ($6). I liked the touch of having a burnt marshmallow on top and overall it was a good combination of flavours.

Apple pancakes and bacon ($8): gala apple and caramel vodka with caramelized apple pancakes and bacon. The quote on the menu is "if you're scratching your head right now, you're not ready for this one but trust us - it's oh so good." From my taste of this one, I didn't like this one at all and thought it was gross. Maybe someone out there likes it.

By far, the best one was one I ordered, the PB & J ($6). It had jelly chunks in the shake and peanut butter throughout. The taste was incredible.

All the shakes were extremely rich and filling but tasted so good. Definitely worth it.

You can customize your burger here, but I opted for a set burger called Morty's Steakhouse ($10.5). It has peppercorn crusted beef burger with horseradish cheddar, haystack onions and cabernet sauce. They explain it "like the greatest steak dinner you've ever had reincarnated as a burger". And it's true. It tasted exactly like a steak dinner with all the flavours and ingredients but in burger form. The only slight disappointment was even after asking for pink in the middle it came well done which took away from the pleasure of the "steak". It was messy to eat this as it fell apart a bit, but still really tasty. Not sure how they made it taste like a steak instead of a burger, but it was excellent.

The chips the burgers come with were not too salty, but still very dense and substantial. It was good and as a bonus there were sweet potato chips mixed in as well!

Kitty had a custom burger that you can see in the last picture. They have pretty much all the ingredients you could possibly think of here. The following is what Kitty picked: 1) Hormone free beef ($7.5) 2) Brioche 3) BBQ Rub 4) Smoked Gouda (+$1) 5) Roasted Garlic Mayo 6) Crisp iceberg, sliced red onion, sliced tomato and cucumbers

And it was ordered so that it was pink inside.

Kitty's burger, although custom, tasted even better mostly because the meat was done to a proper amount. It tasted fresh with a good combination of ingredients.

Great shakes and great choice for burgers make this a definite winner. Sooo good!

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