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Primati Bros.

Posted: 06/07/13

Primati Bros.

Restaurant: Pittsburgh Primanti_Brothers

Nelson: Supposed to be the most famous place to go to in Pittsburgh, this is a sandwich place where they put the whole meal into the sandwich. This means the fries and the cole slaw is in the sandwich.

This first one is a Pitts-burger cheese steak ($6.29) which is their #2 best-seller. I'm not sure what their #1 best-seller is, but I think it is this sandwich. The fries add a lot of weight and heft to the sandwich, while the vinegary coleslaw is a nice contrast. The thick bread is very fresh along with the tomatoes and the meat & cheese is somewhere in there adding salt to everything. Not the best in the world, but pretty decent.

I think the other sandwich we got was the pastrami & cheese ($6.69). Similar but with a saltier meat. Also a good sandwich.

Last time Andrea was here, she bought me this shirt with the name of our blog on it. Nice. I had to take a picture of it and include it here.

Overall adding fries and cole slaw was probably pretty revolutionary at the time this was invented in the 1930's. Now perhaps a little dated and not as innovative, but it's still a good combination for a sandwich. I can see why they are a Pittsburgh institution.

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