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Wholey Fish Market

Posted: 06/05/13

Wholey Fish Market

Restaurant: Pittsburgh Whole_Fish_Market

Nelson: We were walking around the Strip neighbourhood in Pittsburgh when we came across this seafood mega store. I decided to check it out and was greeted with a wonderland of seafood. There were piles and piles of gigantic seafood everywhere you turned. That and a toy train suspended from the ceiling going around the store. They also had an area where you can buy cooked seafood and this is where I ended up.

I decided to try their 6oz portion of clam strips ($3.99) from fresh wild caught clams made fresh and cooked to order fresh! These were really tasty with a nice breading (that I watched) and quality deep fry in pure corn oil. The clam was a little chewy but were a good base to deep fry with. Tasty!

Next I couldn't resist trying the lobster roll ($5). It was very buttery with decently large (but cold) pieces of lobster. Very rich overall with the bun almost disintegrating from the copious amount of filling. Yum!

Lastly, although we didn't eat this, I got to watch them cut up a whole tuna. This large portion must be worth a lot!

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