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Grilled Venison Chops

Posted: 10/11/07

Grilled Venison Chops

Restaurant: Kitchener_Waterloo Wildcraft

Nelson @ Wildcraft: New Zealand Venison racks with blueberry balsamic and port compote, basil mashed potatoes and charred vegetables. For some reason we both decided to go with fruit sauced meat dishes. The venison was prepared without a hint on gaminess and the salty strong flavoured meat complemented well with the sweet/sour blueberry sauce. The basil mashed potatoes had a very very strong basil flavour which really differentiated the mashed potatoes. I'm usually not a big fan of basil, but these were good. The charred veggies were so-so, but overall, this was a very good dish.

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  • hmm fruity steak... i think those blueberries will look better on a cheesecake.
    you love your venison!
    dre @ 2007-10-11
  • not look, i mean taste
    dre @ 2007-10-11
  • well like I said, it tasted good and complemented well
    Nelson @ 2007-10-12

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