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Union Pig and Chicken

Posted: 06/03/13

Union Pig and Chicken

Restaurant: Pittsburgh Union_Pig_and_Chicken

Nelson: We hit this place up late at night for some BBQ. This place looks a bit out of place with a sleek outside, but the benches inside provide a contrast.

We tried the 3 meat combo (ribs/brisket/shoulder) for $20. The brisket was the best I have ever had (top right), as it was so moist and tasty. The beef had lot's of fat but the seared smokey outside sealed the flavours on the inside. Incredible.

Similarly the pork shoulder (bottom) is so soft and tender but also charred on (some) sides to make it taste extra good. It was really really good as well.

The ribs had a crust of rub and it was red inside which I think that is St. Louis style. Also good but the other two types of meat outshone it because they were just that good. Really great BBQ here.

We also tried the tartare which is hangar steak, brisket fat mayo, pickled egg, jalapeno and bbq chips ($9). Despite that it was beef, it tasted like fish. It was pretty good but I didn't like the pickled eggs. Also the chips totally didn't go with the tartare. Actually it didn't go well with any BBQ, but the chips by itself tastes good. The crispy onions on top were ok too, but also didn't go well together as a complete dish.

This is the smoked pork belly with lettuce wrap, smoked tomato, tamarind, sansyo and thai bail ($8). Interesting concept with Asian flavours, but I thought that it was too minty and that dominated the flavours completely making it unbalanced. Good try I guess.

For beer, we had the East End Monkey Boy and Furthermore 3 ft Deep. Surprisingly, the beer was amazingly smokey and went perfectly with the bbq. I'm pretty sure the smokey flavour came from the beer, but it might have partly contaminated from the food.

Overall the regular BBQ items are really good with an excellent smokey flavour that is unforgettable. Wouldn't expect to find good BBQ in Pittsburgh, but it's definitely there.

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