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AYCE Salad

Posted: 06/16/13

AYCE Salad

Restaurant: Chicago Sweet_Tomatoes

Dre: after a very meaty lunch at Brazilian BBQ, we wanted to have a light dinner. "Light" became going to another buffet, but this time it was a salad place!

Sweet Tomatoes, the restaurant is called, has a huge salad bar, although not as impressive as the Brazilian place, but it also costed less than half the price.

I started taking pictures, but was told that if the manager saw me taking pictures, they will ask me to stop. Don't they want advertising for their restaurant? I managed to sneak a couple pictures in.

The salad bar has the usual vegetables - different types of greens and lots of vegetables to put in your salad.

There was also a huge variety of soup and Mike tried all of them. I didn't take a picture of the soup area.

They also had some pizza, pasta, and fresh muffins.

I didn't stuff myself at this meal as I wasn't hungry to begin with, but it didn't stop me from trying a lot of things!

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