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Brazilian Grill Goodness

Posted: 06/14/13

Brazilian Grill Goodness

Restaurant: Chama_Gaucha Chicago

dre: Just like all Brazilian BBQ places, there is an impressive salad bar. I think I have more pictures of the salad bar than I do of the meat. One thing to note was that the asparagus were on steroids! They were gigantic!

I tried not to get too much salad, and mostly stayed with the fresh veggies and ate greens I wouldn't normally buy myself, like asparagus, artichokes, and beets.

On the table, there were cheese bread, fried cornmeal, plantain, and mashed potatoes. I didn't eat any of those.

Instead, I concentrated on the meats! Prime rib, sirloin, chicken, ribs, lamb - all sorts of wonderful food! I really liked the service here. As I kept turning away the guys with meats, they asked what I was waiting for. I told them prime rib, so once they brought it out, they headed straight to me! Also, the server asked how I liked my meat and I had said medium rare. He looked on my plate and saw some meats that were medium well, and came back with a skewer of meat and cut me some medium rare pieces and asked me to place my medium well ones on his plate to take away. Wow, that's service!

The one thing they don't have here are the grilled pineapples!

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