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Noodles Delight

Posted: 06/06/13

Noodles Delight

Restaurant: Chicago Noodles_Delight

dre: We went to a family friend's restaurant in a suburb of Chicago for dinner. This is probably one of the only Chinese restaurants in the area that serve authentic Chinese food. We were treated to a feast!

Crab Meat Rangoons - crab meat filled with cream cheese. While I liked the deep fried shell, I wasn't a big fan of the cream cheese inside.

Pot Stickers - these were really yummy.

Hot and Sour Soup - I only had a spoonful to taste, but Mike really enjoyed this soup.

BBQ Duck

Fabulous Scallop - deep fried scallops with crumbs and diced fresh pepper. This was really good and had a lot of scallops!

Ginger crab

Ginger Beef - stripped beef fried and glazed with ginger sauce. I liked the breading and the taste was good as well.

Deep Fried Tofu

Rice Noodle with Beef

Vegetables. I'm not sure what the English name for these greens are.

For dessert, we had some mochi and almond jelly. A great end to a great meal!

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