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Posted: 05/28/13


Restaurant: Earls Mississauga

Nelson @ Square One: For some reason we ended up going here twice in one week. It's walkable from our Condo, they have a decent patio, big TVs and an attractive wait staff.

I tried the wings with hot flavour on them ($11.25). They are small wings in size and nothing that unique about them. Not bad, not amazing either.

This is the Dungeness crab and asparagus linguini ($19.50) with saffron cream sauce, tomatoes, asparagus, lemon oil, prawns and dungeness crab. The pasta was cooked al dente and had a fresh lime taste. Not a lot of crab, with a tiny scoop of it on the other side of the picture that you can barely see the top of, but it is there and adds to taste.

They have a decent selection of beer and we tried the Moskoka Wheat and the Blanche de Chambly.

The second time I was there, I had a grilled chicken and baked brie sandwich with house-made fig jam, roasted apples, spinach and garlic mayo. The fries are shoestring and salty, but the ingredients for the sandwich is an amazing combination with so many great tastes together. First, the chicken itself had skin on it, which made it tastier and less generic. The jam was great, the mayo tasty and the apple adds tartness and crunch. Only possible small complaint is that the brie was hard to taste, but I suppose it added to the mouthfeel and overall fattiness. Otherwise I could taste each distinct ingredient and each added to a great overall taste. Wow, unexpectedly great sandwich here!

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