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Cary & Eva Wedding Banquet

Posted: 05/26/13

Cary & Eva Wedding Banquet

Restaurant: Shangri-La Toronto

Nelson @ Shangri-la: Yes, it's the start of the wedding season, but I'm stuck posting about last year's weddings still! Last time I was at Shangri-la, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of their Chinese food. This time I was in their other room, but it didn't change the quality of their food one bit.

It starts with the pork and jelly fish. They make it well here, but I didn't get the choicest pieces.

Deep fried crab claws served without the cheesy (IMO) sparklers. Came out hot!

Sugar snap peas with seafood including shrimp and scallop. Worked out to perfectly one piece for each person. Could be larger.

Not shark fin soup! Yay! I don't really mind the replacement soups they have been coming up with, especially since there is less environmental harm. I hope to see this trend continue.

Vegetables (dou miao) with Abalone. I guess most get this "luxurious" item now that shark fin is no longer an option.

Fried chicken.

Double happiness fish. My table wasn't a big fan, so I happily got to eat a lot of this dish.

Lobster was cooked well here.

The noodles and fried rice dishes were also good.

Chinese desserts included some mango pudding/jello and pastries.

Kitty's favourite part is of course the chocolate fountain! They had a good selection of foods to dip it in, including pretzels! The chocolate did taste a little watered down, but it was still enjoyable!

I love the WALL-E wedding cake toppers as it fits the couple really well. I'm surprised it wasn't Star Trek themed, but I can't think of a good Star Trek cake topper, so this was probably the better choice! What a fun wedding, good friends and good food!

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