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Frozen Yogurt in Toronto

Posted: 05/24/13

Frozen Yogurt in Toronto

Restaurant: Toronto Yogurtys Yugen_Fruz

Nelson: After trying some Frozen Yogurt places in Vancouver and liking, I figured there must be some in Toronto. I have definitely heard of Yogen Fruz as I see them at malls and such and decided to finally try it. I selected a "ü sensations" with the flavour of the key lime pie with graham cookie crumbs. I didn't like it that much as it tasted manufactured and fake. Maybe it's just that flavour, but not a good first impression.

Yogen Früz on Urbanspoon

Just walking around after a meal, I found one in North York called Yogurty's. Apparently it's a chain, but I have never noticed it here. We tried the mango and green tea flavours and couldn't resist adding some Maltesers. Not as much variety as Menchies, but still good tasting. I'll keep an eye out in the summer for more Yogurty's.

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