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Big Chubby Burger

Posted: 05/18/13

Big Chubby Burger

Restaurant: Big_Chubby_Burger Toronto

Nelson @ Kensington Market: We stopped by this (now) closed burger joint which must struggle to standout from all the different choices in Kensington Market.

I had the Torontonian with Havarti, cheddar, bacon, back bacon rosemary garlic mayo for $10. Yeah a little excessive, definitely over the top and a future heart attack. The grease pooled in the bottom, but I appreciated the plentiful amount of vegetables. Unhealthy, but good.

I don't know if this is possible, but the fries tasted like they were overcooked and then loaded with salt. Could be better.

The classic burger ($5.95) is pretty typical. The patty is all beef and I could taste a hint of ground pepper and especially cumin. I asked the chef and they confirmed what I was tasting. I didn't taste the rosemary garlic mayo too strongly in either burger.

Overall has some unique burgers, but still tasted homemade and hard for it to standout from all the choices in Kensington Market. I guess that's why they are closed now?

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