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Helen & Glendon Wedding Banquet

Posted: 05/16/13

Helen & Glendon Wedding Banquet

Restaurant: Markham Markham_Event_Centre

Nelson: We almost booked this place for our wedding as we liked what they offered, but the size of their rooms didn't work out for us. Anyway, we got a chance to check out their food.

The menus says "Perfect Beginning, Whole Sparkling Succulent Suckling Pig Pieces w/ Jelly Fish". I didn't get a picture of the jelly fish because it came out 10 minutes after the pork came out. The pork was good though.

"Crispy Crab Claw wrapped with shrimp mousse" Always good, especially when it comes out hot.

"Jumbo scallops and chicken fillet saute with greens and mushroom"

Instead of shark fin soup we had double boiled consomme with fish maw, sea cucumber, conpoy and mushroom. It tasted good overall with strong flavours for a Chinese soup. I like this change for environmental reasons.

Strangely, the crispy chicken came with mini quiche. I have never seen that before. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of quiche and didn't think it was too special. It was unique though.

The "conpoy with pea's sprouts" I did not like almost as if it wasn't cooked correctly. Kitty didn't think there was anything wrong. Maybe I just didn't like the dried scallop.

Fresh fish steamed with scallion and soya. I got the fish head! I didn't actually eat it all, but I did take the cheeks.

I didn't get a picture of the "lobsters wok baked in supreme sauce with broccoli"...because I was too busy eating it! It was really good and the best part was that not many at my table liked lobster I probably ate at least half of the dish!

At this point I went outside to take a few photos of the dessert tables. Not only did they have Chinese style desserts, but also Italian style desserts! So much dessert!

Here are some rich cakes. I tried the chocolate mousse cake.

Some chinese milk/fruit based dessert.

Goji pudding. I didn't take any.

Never seen tuxedo sesame pudding and I tried it, but it looks more interesting than it tastes. Still decent though.

Tiramisu Mousse cup. Interesting idea, but didn't taste as good as I was expecting. Perhaps expectations were too high.

Mini pastries.

Perfect pair tartlets. Maybe it's pear. Maybe it's a pair of ingredients. Who knows?


E-fu noodles braised in abalone essence with baby greens and rainbow & taro fried rice in lotus leaf packet.

Mango/coconut mochi served at the table. I like these.

Fruit tartlets.

Not sure what this is, but I think it's a Chinese dessert.

More Chinese Dessert.

And finally, Kitty's favourite: the Chocolate fountain. They even had cream puffs to dip into! The wedding cake was a cupcake platter.

Hardly knew anyone at this wedding (except for randomly bumping into Jo and John), but it was huge and the food was decent. Yay!


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