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Posted: 05/14/13


Restaurant: Toronto Wvrst

Nelson @ King West: Think German beer hall, but for hipsters. That's what Wvrst is about. Communal tables and a long beer on tap list make for a rowdy environment, but for food they specialize in sausages. There are many to choose from and some really unique ones from all kinds of animals like the lamb, veal, beef, pork, tofu, turkey, chicken, guineau fowl, pheasant, duck, venison, bison, wild board, elk, rabbit and kangaroo. They must of thought of all animal possibilities and then made them into sausages.

When selecting your wurst (sausage), first select the meat and then the choose either on a bun (with two toppings) or as curry wurst (sliced sausage served with country bread and tomato curry sauce).

In our case we picked bun both times because we wanted to try some of the game meat and ended up with same toppings of sweet sauteed onions and sweet peppers as the sauerkraut and sauteed jalapenos seemed like they would be too strong. I like having vegetables top my hot dogs.

The first picture is of the pheasant (w/ Apple) which was dry and not that good. Pictured second, the duck (w/ maple and foie gras) was really moist and had a lot of flavour. Not surprisingly it tasted like duck and nothing like what a sausage tastes like despite its form.

Overall, it was unique, but expensive as each game wurst was $9 and they are pretty small. The duck fat fries are supposed to be pretty good though, but didn't get the chance to try it. Neat place to hang out and drink, but maybe not the place for a full meal.

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