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Heritage Fish and Chips

Posted: 05/23/13

Heritage Fish and Chips

Restaurant: Brampton Heritage_Fish_and_Chips

dre: It's hard to go out to eat when you don't want to wake up a sleeping baby, so we've been getting a lot of take out. One Saturday afternoon, we really craved fish and chips, so Mike went out to Heritage to get some. I've never been to this location before, and Mike told me that it's an actual restaurant, not just a take out place. I believe this is the original location in Brampton.

We got the lunch special, which is 2 pieces of haddock and Mike tried their poutine. They gave us A LOT of fries! The poutine was a little strange, because they had microwaved the Styrofoam container to melt the cheese (health hazard??), but Mike still enjoyed it.

The fish was good, but soggy because we didn't have it fresh, but because of the amount of fries, we were stuffed and lethargic for the rest of the afternoon!

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  • Wow, microwaved stryofoam? I think that qualifies as a restaurant fail...
    Nelson @ 2013-05-29

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