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Kenzo Japanese Noodle House

Posted: 05/10/13

Kenzo Japanese Noodle House

Restaurant: Kenzo Toronto

Nelson @ Sheppard & Yonge: When I went here last year, the Ramen craze was still spreading throughout the city. I wonder what the hot item will be this year. Anyway, Kitty and I managed to make our way here and try some of their bowls. The decor here is better than the original location at Steeles and also a lot bigger. The real chopsticks, instead of disposable wooden ones make a big difference too!

I tried the Tonkotsu Mi so Ra men ($9.95): Hakate pork bone soup ramen with a kick of miso flavour. Sounds like it would be really salt, but instead it was very good overall with a very distinct defined (pork?) taste. The noodles were firm and good tasting. I really liked the large amount of sesame seeds in the soup.

Ji Su Men ($10.95) is a soy sauce base soup combined with chicken, eggs and sesame oil, mixed with stir fried vegetables. This one had a much milder, but more muddled taste. Perhaps it was from the large variety of ingredients, but that also made it fun to eat with the chicken particularly and surprisingly standing out. Still decent overall.

We went on a hot day and Ramen is not as nice when it's hot hot outside. The service was really good here and I was captivated by the animated mechanical chopsticks moving the noodles up and down outside. Way better than Ajisen, and with this location in close proximity, there is no reason to go there anymore.

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