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Cafe Medina

Posted: 05/06/13

Cafe Medina

Restaurant: Cafe_Medina Vancouver

Nelson: For our last breakfast, we had brunch at this busy Vancouver brunch location called Cafe Medina.

Kitty had two waffles ($3.15 each) with raspberry caramel and white chocolate pistachio rosewater as toppings. The waffles were crisp and well made with a lot of sugar already. The white chocolate sauce was really good but it was hard to taste the rose which isn't a big loss. The raspberry caramel was not as good with hardly any raspberry taste and more difficult to eat since it was so sticky.

I had the Fricasse, 2 fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, pickled pearl onions, apples, watercress, applewood cheddar and grilled focaccia ($16). Overall a bit salty but everything goes really well together and t was very flavourful. Apple is supposed to balance flavours but I didn't get enough quantity-wise. Hard to see in the back, but the focaccia was definitely grilled, almost a tad too much. Overall a good dish though.

Who says mimosas are only acceptable at brunch? Bring on the beer!

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