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Ebisu on Broadway

Posted: 05/04/13

Ebisu on Broadway

Restaurant: Ebisu Vancouver

Nelson @ Fairview: This is a local Japanese place within walking distance of Diana's place. I would be tempted to eat out every night if I lived so close to so many quality restaurants! This place had Japanese in the menu, which is a good sign.

We start with the Agedashi tofu, deep fried tofu with agedashi tempura sauce ($4.95). Presented nicely and deep fried lightly if that is at all possible.

Tiger Mayo ($8.95), deep fried black tiger prawns completed with their own mayonnaise sauce. You can never go wrong with this dish! I think they add a bit of spice to the mayo here.

Volcano Roll ($10.95): Spicy salmon roll topped with fried flakes, avocado, salmon strips and tobiko erupting with spicy sauce. Looked neat and was "explosive".

Cajun Japanese Tacos, seared fresh tuna mixed with avocado, fresh vegetables topped with mayo and tobiko and wrapped in crispy tacos ($7.80). Sounded better than it tasted unfortunately.

This roll has a fun name, Ninja Kicker ($11.95). It has prawn tempura, cucumber and avocado in a spicy tuna and salmon warp topped with tobiko and green onions coated in their original "kicker" spicy sauce. Quite creative and although busy, pretty tasty too.

Pork Gyoza ($4.95): Homemade dumplings stuffed with pork then pan fried to ensure a light and crispy skin.

Just because we were in Vancouver we had an order of 8 pcs Toro ($17.50). Nicely decorated, but a bit icy and not very fresh. Disappointing.

Mentaiko Yakiudon: Japanese thick noodles panfried in marinated Alaskan Cod Roe and Oba leaves ($9.80). I didn't like this dish too much and tasted like something I would cook.

Black Cod Saikyo ($12.95): Black cod marinated in sweet miso saikyo sauce and cooked to a beautiful golden brown finish. Not the best ever, but still very very good here, this small piece was expensive, but very tasty.

Spicy Tuna ($6.5): sliced albacore tuna sashimi marinated in their aromatic house mixed spicy sauce and green onions.

Overall, after having been to Japan, this place is extremely Fusion oriented with good and not so good results. Overall a good meal though.

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