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And Company Resto Bar

Posted: 05/03/13

And Company Resto Bar

Restaurant: And_Company_Resto_Bar Mississauga

DISCLAIMER - 2/3 of this meal was provided free of charge to celebrate the introduction of their new spring menu

Nelson @ Square One area: We were invited by Lien Tran to check out &Company Resto Bar's new spring menu. Even though I live a block away, I didn't know this place existed, because it is just off the main road. It looks neat from the outside and I didn't realize how big this place was. Upon entering there is a bar area with TVs, then another larger open space (for dancing) with a bar and then an upstairs area with yet another bar. They have a beautiful outdoor bar patio area that is probably awesome with summer weather.

The item that most stood out on the menu were the Lobster Tacos: Garlic buttered lobster tails with pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa, shredded lettuce and cheddar; served with sour cream and guacamole ($19). I liked the nice touch of having the lobster shell to help spread the sour cream and guac. The best part was the large chunks of tasty lobster in the tacos. Overall they had a fresh taste and it wasn't too heavy. This was my favourite dish of the night. (Andrea: This one was also my favourite, and I was surprised at the generous amount of lobster chunks. I thought it would be more subtle with smaller pieces, but I liked the hearty taste of lobster for each bite I took.)

Next was the Crack Chicken described as "Highly addictive and ultra crunchy, breaded with our signature east-west blend and served with a spicy buffalo butter sauce.($12)" The chicken came out hot and cooked well. There were two surprising things about this dish: dark meat was used (brave, but worked well) and the batter had some spice. The shoestring fries were good but really salty. I liked that buffalo sauce was included and think that more places should use this sauce. (Andrea: I'm not a huge fan of buffalo sauce, so the dip was not a seller for me. However, the crunchy chicken was addictive and it came with a good amount of fries - enough that it took us awhile to finish it up despite the server attempting the clear the dish for us.)

"Cajun Blackened Scallops: Jumbo Nova Scotia sea scallops seared with our blackened cajun rub on a patron tequila succotash with yucca chips and pineapple basil salsa. ($17)" It was nicely presented, but the blackened spice was too heavy in taste for me and drowned out the scallop and the rest of the ingredients. Although the blackened cajun rub tasted good a little less would balance the different elements. (Andrea: I was disappointed with this dish. I really like scallops, and I thought these were way too spicy. At least the corn succotash was delicious and helped (sort of) balance the spiciness.)

"Braised Beef Short Rib: slow cooked and served with celeriac puree, griddled pineapple, asparagus and Jagermeister steeped raisins, toasted walnuts and pearl onions; finished with natural jus. ($16)" Again nicely presented, the beef was very tender. After reading the menu I missed out on the pineapple, raisins and walnuts, but I did like the fried onions which weren't on the menu. Kitty really liked the puree, but I don't think any of us realized it was made of celery root. (Andrea: The piece I ate was either very tender or very fatty, but I really enjoyed it. This one was my second favourite.)

They were very generous and included some drinks as well! Kitty tried the lychee mojito with Andrea had the red wine sangria (lots of fruits!). I was boring and went with a Stella Artois. Drinks were relatively inexpensive!

Kitty also later had a melon martini later that night as we enjoyed a burlesque show. Dinner and Entertainment!

We were getting full already and decided to order just one main. We picked Penne jambalaya with their "spin on a Creole classic, made with chicken, shrimp and spicy chorizo sausage tossed in a sambucca Cajun cream sauce. ($19)" It was really sweet and a bit spicy. I liked the sauce but it did not taste anywhere near a Jambalaya. The only elements that I would say are Jambalaya like are the meat ingredients. The sausage was more salty than spicy. But still a good dish overall if you don't think of a traditional Jambalaya.

(Andrea: A comment on the other main dishes - I think there wasn't much to choose from, and none of the other mains sounded very appealing, so that's why we went with the Jambalaya.)

Cheesecake: served in a mason jar with berries ($10). The cheesecake was really rich and moist with an interesting presentation. Berry flavour went well and overall an excellent dessert. (Andrea: I really love cheesecake, so even though we were so stuffed, we still had to order it and I'm glad we did. The crust was hard to get to, and you really have to dig it out from the jar. Also, the jar makes it harder to share if you're sick, unless you only want one bite. One large bite.)

Brownie & Cookie Stack: white chocolate fudge brownie and dark chocolate cookie tower with caramel, strawberries and vanilla ice cream ($10). I think this was the highlight of the meal. The brownie was excellent, with the white chocolate one very soft and very tasty, while the brownie was a little crispy making for a good contrast. Ice cream on top with the sugar cookie was just a sweet bonus. (Andrea: This was the best part of the meal, and I would come back here just for this dessert. I thought it would have been better to have other textures, such as mousse, in the layers, but the more we ate this, the 2 brownie-like textures grew on us.)

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