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Phnom Penh

Posted: 05/02/13

Phnom Penh

Restaurant: Phnom_Penh Vancouver

Nelson @ Chinatown: We had an extra day in Vancouver and I decided that I wanted to visit this Vietnamese Vancouver institution. I had chicken wings on my mind.

But first because we didn't get a chance to try it last time, we tried the Marinated Butter Beef ($13.25). I didn't really know what to expect, but it turns out to be a plateful of almost raw beef. It is described as thinly sliced specially prepared rare beef on a bed of fried garlic, cilantro and our house special sauce. The flavour was so intense I was not prepared for it and was almost overwhelmed by it. Normally I don't like cilantro, but since the sauce was powerful the I didn't even mind the raw cilantro! Normally you would think that crispy garlic would have a strong flavour, but this was also dwarfed by the sauce. The beef itself had a surprisingly good texture that was extremely tender. Not at all like some raw beef that can be on the chewy side. Such a unique dish and a very strong tasty one at that!

I needed a palate cleanser after the beef, but the wings still tasted excellent. I don't know what makes them so good, but it is a combination of sal, msg, lemon, pepper, in just the perfect proportions. Plus the deep fry technique is perfect with a crispy crispy outside and moist tasty chicken on the inside. I even ate the wing tips. Still love this dish!

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  • I love how there are already 4 posts of this place from us. And each post has chicken wings!
    dre @ 2013-05-02

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