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The Mandarin

Posted: 05/17/13

The Mandarin

Restaurant: Brampton Mandarin

dre @ Steeles & Biscayne: For my dad's birthday, he wanted to go to the Mandarin. I've only been here for lunch once, and that was many years ago. I was very surprised at the price difference between lunch and dinner. Dinner seems like the biggest mark-up, as it's almost double the lunch price. Crab legs (or whatever is in season) does not cost THAT much, does it?

Every time I come here, I always start in the same area - the sushi and grill. There were a couple of rolls - cucumber, chicken teriyaki, and sweet potato. On the grill, there was sausage, ribeye steak, and pineapple with cinnamon. Then on the other side, there were dumplings (pot stickers), steamed pork bun and spinach with garlic.

For my next plate, I went to the main food area. Everything was pretty good, and the Shanghai noodles surprised me the most. The texture was good and tasted pretty fresh. That was the only thing I got seconds.

My third plate was the other side of the main area and I got more deep fried items like chicken wings and spring rolls.

Dessert is my favourite, so I started off with some cookies and a gross chocolate dipped croissant.

Then I went all out and had a slice of chocolate cake (very fresh) with cookies and cream ice cream, a slice of apple pie with cookie dough ice cream, and a waffle with red velvet cake ice cream.

I was extremely stuffed for lunch, but I think the $14 is much better value than the $26 (weeknights) for dinner.

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