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Meat and Bread

Posted: 04/30/13

Meat and Bread

Restaurant: Meat_and_Bread Vancouver

Nelson @ Gastown: Great name for this restaurant that specializes in sandwiches. The shop is simple and utilitarian with benches for seating. But the best part is you can watch from outside as they cut the glorious porchetta. The sandich costs $8 and includes salsa verde.

Once they cut from the huge slab of meat and place it on the bread, they sprinkle some salt on top and add the skin. It is topped with salsa verde and some includes some excellent mustard on the side that I think is store made since it is not out of a bottle.

The bread is good as well and the overall taste is fresh which is surprising for something so meaty and fatty. The plentiful meat and crunchy fat combine in a lovely way and complement the salsa and mustard perfectly. Unfortunately I found it a tad on the salty side, but that might be my own personal tastes coming through. I can see why there are lineups at lunch (the only time they are open) to get this glorious sandwich. Yum!

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