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Ivar's Acre of Clams

Posted: 04/28/13

Ivar's Acre of Clams

Restaurant: Ivars_Acres_of_Clams Seattle

Nelson @ Pier 54: On our way back to Vancouver, we stopped by Seattle near dinner time and wanted seafood. This place is right on the waterfront pier, but is huge in size and pretty busy for a late weekday night. We were sat beside the window for a nice view, but it also meant we were hidden from the wait staff and as a result had slow service. On the plus side, happy hour was anytime after 3 PM, so I guess visiting the wharf area is a mostly day time activity.

We had a round of Oyster Shooters that came with six oysters over Ivar's cocktail sauce ($4, normally $6). The tasted really clean and fresh, but didn't have a strong flavour to them. Still, it was good and at a good price.

Also off the happy hour menu, we had the apple wood smoked scallops ($7.50, normally $11) consisting of honey cured and apple wood smoked scallops, sweet roasted garlic crisp, baby frisee, house-smoked bacon, tossed with vanilla bean vinaigrette. The scallop was sooo good. The scallop itself was smoky and tasted so good by itself, the garlic crisp was almost too flavourful and overpowered the scallop but also really good by itself. Even the green onion provided a lot of flavour. Overall the dish tasted excellent but the scallop by itself could have starred and made the dish. Perhaps a more neutral crostini would have work better here by providing the crunch. Still I have never tasted scallop like this before and I liked it!

I had the crab cake slider ($6.50, normally $9) with stone ground mustard aioli, tomato, Macrina bakery brioche bun. It was only OK overall, because I could hardly taste the crab, and instead tasted mostly Mayo and coleslaw. The Brioche bun was very tasty though, but the fries were uninspiring.

Kitty had the Grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon BLT ($6.50, normally $10) with hardwood smoked bacon, Macrina Bakery brioche bun and fries. The wild salmon made a big difference in taste as it was better than normal salmon, providing more depth of flavour. Good sandwich overall.

Happy hour prices were fun here and the food was good. Despite the poor service, definitely would come back, but preferably at night.

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