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Voodoo Donuts

Posted: 04/24/13

Voodoo Donuts

Restaurant: Portland Voodoo_Donuts

Nelson @ Portland: One of the most famous food places in Portland specializes in doughnuts. It's famous because it has the widest and most creative doughnut variety you'll ever see. There are so many wacky choices that you feel overwhelmed picking one we picked three.

The one most appropriate to their theme is the doughnut called Voodoo doll with a good chocolate topping and of course filled with raspberry jam. Not only does it taste good together, the jam makes perfect sense thematically.

We also elected to try the Lemon chiffon cruller, but unfortunately it was not very fresh and also tasteless compared to first one even after cleansing our palates. Looks cute, but a little disappointing.

Lastly, we elected to try the Mango Tango which had very strong flavours that I liked. It was tangy and citrusy, yet sweet and bursting with flavour. Yum!

It was fun just to visit and check out all the different varieties and the creativity of the various types of doughnuts. A lot of the in store pictures I took didn't turn out, but there were ones with fruit loops, bacon, cookies, vegan, etc, etc. A fun store and fun eating experience!

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